Friends Of The Crown

Community Survey Results

In mid June 2023 the FOTC carried out a survey across the residents of Grewelthorpe to understand the support and requirements for re-opening the Crown as a community Pub.  A brief summary of results from our recent community survey can be found below.  In total 108 responses were returned by local residents. 

“Over 96% of Local Residents support The Crown becoming a Community Pub”

A full report will be provided once we have had the opportunity to remove all personal details from the survey. In the meantime, please find the key takeaways below:

  • 100% of Local Residents said their households would use the Community Pub, with 60% saying they would use it every week or more often.

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When Local Residents were asked “What Services would you most like to see the pub offer?“, the overwhelming responses were for:

  • Catering 86%
  • Family Friendly Area 49%

We asked Local Residents “What kind of catering would you like to see the pub offer?

It was clear Local Residents want the pub to provide meals every day of the week, both at lunch time and evenings, and offering simple pub meals.  

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